Dr. Michael Willett Affectionately dubbed, the ‘Warrior Priest’ by New York’s News 1’s Roma Torre, Dr. Willett is one of America’s freshest faces on the lecture circuit today. His effervescent style, coupled with a humorous and progressive interplay, make Dr. Willett one of the world’s renowned martial arts instructors. Dr. Willett has spent over 45 years teaching Martial Arts in the New York City area (over 10,000 students). This licensed and ordained Minister has been bestowed with a multitude of accolades. Dr. Willett has been inducted into the International Kung Fu Hall of Fame, The World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is an inductee (as well) board member of Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame (*these are the most prominent honors ). As the illustrious career of this Warrior Priest continues, we find that 4 World Championships and 1 International Championship (sparring) have been credited to his account. Living Legend awards have also been accredited to the account of this unique individual. Dr. Willett has put his Bail Enforcement Agents badge down to move on to quieter pursuits. *Currently serving as Editor of Action Martial Arts Magazine, Dr. Willett has developed a thriving photography arm to his many other duties. This Warrior Priest has overcome many obstacles to become the man he is today. Dr. Willett’s pride does not stem from the multiplicity of accolades that he’s received over the years for his service, he’s most proud of his ability to ‘give back.’ Dr. Willett has declared that: “The depth of his love is expressed by the degree of his giving.” This benevolent and conspicuous mantra has placed the Honorable Dr. Willett at the head of the class. In fact, Dr. Willett’s charisma and oratory skills will provoke you to revisit your manhood.

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