NEW YORK, NEW YORK- June 20, 2010 The much anticipated academic study of the male’s total metamorphosis is now a reality. Man by Choice, Male by Birth the book is in its final stages. New author Dr. Michael Willett has published his first work on Mighty Warrior Publishing.
This compelling study offers males an opportunity to stand in the mirror and have that mirror speak back in a, cold, harsh manner that will reveal deep seeded issues that have lain dormant for many years. Manhood training is not offered in any learning institution or adult education class, so unfortunately manhood training is learned from other ill advised males in the back alleys and from lamppost jockeys.

The book started in seed form and grew into an experience. The idea first came as a suggestion from some friends from the Board of Education. The suggestion was to write a curriculum for our pre-adolescent and adolescent males. There was no curriculum in place then or now but conversely our pre-adolescent and adolescent females have; sewing, home economics, interpretive dance, etc.

As Dr. Willett started his journey, he was overwhelmed by divine inspiration and the next phase of the work began. He was confronted by the spirit to answer 5 questions. (1) What is a man? (2) At what point did he make the transition from boyhood to manhood? (3) To date what has been his greatest failure as a man? (4) What has been his greatest success to date as a man? (5) Before he leaves this plane of existence, what is the one thing he wants to accomplish as a man? These were truly questions worthy of much contemplation. As the inspiration began to pour into Dr. Willett, he took the premise and expanded it to include other males, so males across America and around the world could benefit from the failures and successes of males just like them.

Manhood is in a state of emergency in the world. The news is permeated with infidelity, domestic violence, abandonment, fatherless homes and reprehensive acts all perpetrated on our females by so called men. This study is a call to reconciliation for all males. The addiction is not the issue; it’s the mind set of our males that needs to be adjusted. This book offers a look at changing ones mindset that will in turn change their thoughts which will ultimately change their behavior.

An inordinate number of you have expressed much interest in purchasing the book, so in one magnanimous gesture, Dr. Willett is offering the book Man by Choice, Male by Birth as a pre-launch offer to all at the regular price of $19.95 with one major caveat. All individuals that pre order the book, will receive 2 free tickets to be a part of the Man/Male seminar in your area. They would have an opportunity to meet and greet the Men of Destiny that have bared their souls in the book. That’s Dr. Willett’s way of saying a big, thank you and he looks forward to meeting all of you.

Please make all checks payable to Mighty Warrior, Inc P.O.Box 280568 Queens Village, New York 11428

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