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Man by Choice / Male by Birth Book

Man by Choice / Male by Birth Book $19.95

The synonymic reportages of male and man, being interchangeable terms, is the biggest fallacy in human existence.  To say all males are men, is an invalid syllogism of the worst kind. I say the worst kind because the eyes of the world have been blinded by smoke and mirrors. The difference between male and man are as vast as roasted cashews peanuts and its relationship to child birth. The premise is humorist yet ludicrous at best.  

A male defined by most lexicons, is nothing more than a Homo sapien with an external elongated reproductive organ. Conversely, the major academic lexicons; Oxford Unabridged Dictionary, Random House Unabridged Dictionary, etc. all agree that the terms are synonymous.

I contend that this comprehensive, compelling study will not only allow eyes to be opened and hearts to be stirred but our lexicons will have to be rewritten.

A man is a male who has made a personal resolution with his maker to embrace and display morality, purity and sobriety. A man will speak truth in the face of the most adverse conditions. A man will always display a mature and responsible persona in his daily life. A man will always make his decisions out of principal and not out of emotion. Manhood is a privilege of corrected consciousness.

Take the Male / Man Quiz inside this book and rate yourself on the tree of life. You just might amaze yourself at your ability to “Man up”.

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The saying "Temporarly Out Of Stock" refers to the state that our world is in where Men who own up to their failures and successes are in "Short Supply"

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